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A dangerous pandemic of paperhands and degens has wiped out the blockchain, but we're on a quest to find the cure!

Several unique strains have been unleashed. Only by sticking together can we weather the storm of Crypto Winter!

Viruses are minted out, but keep scrolling there's more...


There's a sickness among us.
No need to be greedy, give a friend a hug or a kiss.
Or just sneeze on them, or vomit in their mouth.
Whatever it takes to spread tidings of good joy!
When using this transfer function, any wallet you send a virus to will become infected and spawn two new variants. Each recipient wallet can only be used once. Extra Spawning is limited, so help your frens get sick today by gifting them a virus from your collection. Pay it forward, and have fun.
Token ID to Send:

Address to Infect:


Only by burning our precious viral specimens can we learn more about the nature and mutability of the virus.
A lab facility is currently being constructed that will perform research. Perhaps some lucky person will recieve something back from them.
Token ID to Burn:


After a significant amount of research has been conducted, we can, perhaps, use this virus for some good.
Or maybe, for some awesome.
Of course experiments will need to be performed, and the outcome may be something never intended.
Hopefully we don't spawn a race of the undead.
Token ID to Burn:


The crypto crash is a disease spreading through our communities and code, forcing us apart and attacking all who say WAGMI.

It must be stopped. We plan on fighting back by building a strong community with a fun and cheap NFT project. Strong communities lead to strong NFTs. That's why you always see high floor prices for only the best communities.

But it doesn't all have to be Degen and DNA mapping.

Our new smartcontract is adaptable, allowing us to keep hidden all the features of viruses until it's time to reveal them.

We don't want to spoil the fun, but keep in mind that IRL(whatever that means) viruses can mutate unexpectedly. They can invade and multiply once they have found a host. And sometimes the host generates some antibodies that can be used to fight them.

As we learn more about these cryptoviruses, unexpected surprises might appear at any time, sometimes without warning.

Eth is cheap, so why not have some fun over crypto winter with a project that will keep you engaged and on your toes so we all make it?